How Can a Music Lesson Benefit ADD Kids?


Kids that are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) are prone to disturbance and are inattentive in the classroom. Teachers find it tough to get the attention of these kids to as they simply do not follow directions. These kids do not focus and it is tough to bring their concentration on track. It will always be a challenge for teachers to coach them along with other children. It is found that children with this disorder often find it hard to set goals and manage time. It is a tough task for teachers to build the self esteem of ADD kids.

Being a music teacher, I have found out that music lessons can be tough on ADD children since motor movements are high while handling a musical instrument. The movement gives the child chances to get distracted. Moreover, ADD children fail to observe. I have observed that ADD lessons contradicting your child’s normal behavior can lead to more complications. If you want to engage your child in music, do not hesitate to give a chance. Music can be a valuable pastime for your kids and can give them intuitive power. As a music teacher, I have noticed that ADD kids can achieve more through music lessons. I have listed out a few benefits.

A teacher interacts with ADD child for about half an hour in a week. It is important to choose a teacher cautiously especially when it comes to ADD kids. If the teacher has had prior experience with ADD kids, it could be an added advantage though it is not mandatory. Being an ADD teacher myself, I believe that following consistent routines and providing instructions clearly can benefit the candidate. Flexible instructions catering to the needs of your child can be the basis for their future success. I also see that teachers who are patient, tolerant and encouraging have a better chance to succeed. As responsible parents, you need to share all the information about your child’s behavior to help them adapt to the music lessons.

Music BenefitsI have seen that ADD kids are highly creative. This can be a rewarding attribute when it comes to music. Out of the box thinking is always appreciated in fine arts. As far as music is concerned breaking the rules is encouraged. ADD children who show special interest in music can be offered one to one instruction. This can come handy if your child is hyper-active in a classroom environment. A classroom can distract ADD children, and the best atmosphere would be a music studio.

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Are Summer Music Lessons Worth The Effort?

Male Teacher Playing Guitar With Pupils Having Music Lesson In Classroom

Summer is fast approaching, and schools will remain closed for more than a month leaving your kids with immense free time to pursue their passion. Many kids opt for swimming, cycling, trekking and other exercises to relax. Sometimes summer holidays can be boring with almost nothing to do, free from homework and school activities. Music lessons can give you an opportunity to control your mind and learn a skill as well. It can give you concentration and can help in your academics. Summer music lessons give an opportunity to explore the creativity of your child. Summer lessons in music continue giving the child the pressure of keeping up with the academic schedule as well.

As a music teacher with an adequate experience, I suggest that parents have to continue music lessons even after summer course. Why should parents continue the lessons, here I give a clear picture? Despite being a summer course breaking the course in between can lead to loss of interest. Moreover, it would be difficult to understand the concepts once there is a break. Just like how to spend time on review classes after you join the school, similarly music teachers also will have to take efforts to get the chords right if a break occurs. Sometimes I would mean to start all over again. Three months gap could be a long period to get the techniques right. Maintaining continuity can give an opportunity to master the techniques.

Most students who join for a summer course do not return. If so they return for the next holidays and a three months gap could be a hefty price to pay. A new academic year can keep the children busy with homework, tests, extracurricular activities, etc. and they hardly get time to re-enroll in the course. Summer music course is ideal for students as they tend to make use of their time effectively. Children who are bored tend to get involved in trouble and music class can keep them away from unwanted problems.

Music2Yet children can find ways and means to continue their lessons during summer vacation without compromising on recreational plans. Sometimes continuing with music lessons becomes complicated for families as it doesn’t fit their personal needs. In case your child cannot continue the lessons during summer you can still enroll them in an orchestra or band for a week. Also, ask your child to practice at least for 10 minutes every day and gradually increase the time. Create occasions to express their talents. Mingle with children who are already in music lessons.

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